Stewart and Stewart is proud to provide a variety of legal services:

Our firm recognizes that the purchase or sale of a home can be a very stressful process. Let us help you with our expertise in Real Estate law to make the purchase, sale or mortgage of your property a more comfortable experience by providing timely and responsive service.

Please contact our Real Estate Assistant, Beatriz at 403-265-5440, with any questions you may have.

Flat Rate Fees for New Real Estate
Sale: $850.00 plus third party costs and disbursements
Purchase/Mortgage: $950.00 plus third party costs and disbursements
Purchase: $850.00 plus third party costs and disbursements
Refinancing: $750.00 plus third party costs and disbursements

Prices do not include third party costs, disbursements, and GST.

What are third party costs? Third party costs are items that our office has to pay for on your behalf. This includes things like Land Titles registrations of Transfers of Land, Mortgages, Discharges, searches, etc., Real Property Reports, Estoppel Certificates, Title Insurance, and other things of this nature.

What are disbursements? Disbursements are expenses that our office incurs indirectly while doing your conveyancing for you. This includes things like photocopying and faxing. The above quoted fees are for properties valued at up to $1,000,000.00. Please call our office for a quote on fees for properties valued beyond this amount.


A Will ensures that your final wishes with respect to land, investments, money, or personal belongings are respected. If you have children under the age of 18, through a Will, you can appoint a guardian and make any trust arrangements for your child's (children's) ongoing care and support. A well drafted Will makes the distribution of your estate more straightforward and can prevent family conflict in the event of your death.

If you would like us to prepare a Will for you, please contact us at 403-265-5440 or click on the following Will questionnaire links to download the appropriate file. Upon completion of the Questionnaire, either fax 403-262-1367 or email it to us at:

Please click on the link to download the file:
Will Questionnaire (Microsoft Word document)
Will Questionnaire (PDF)

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a person to act as your agent if you are unable to act for yourself regarding real estate, financial, or other property matters.

Personal Directive

A Personal Directive allows you to appoint a person to act on your behalf while you are living, in the event you are unable to make your own decisions, in regard to personal matters like health care, accommodation, and other matters not affecting your estate. It also allows you to specify your wishes if you were to be in a vegetative state with no chance of recovery and whether you wish to be kept free from pain even though it may dull consciousness or shorten the length of your life.

Specific Power of Attorney

A Specific Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a person to act for you in a specific capacity. This is most commonly used when an individual is selling or purchasing a home but is not in the country at the time of closing the purchase or sale.

Flat rate fees for Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives*
For individual documents: Single Couple
New Will(s): $575.00 $775.00
Updated Will(s)/Codicil**: $475.00 $675.00
Enduring Power(s) of Attorney: $250.00 $325.00
Updated Enduring Power(s) of Attorney**: $200.00 $250.00
Personal Directive(s): $250.00 $325.00
Updated Personal Directive(s)**: $200.00 $250.00
Package of Will(s), Enduring Power(s) of Attorney and Personal Directive(s): Single Couple
$975.00 $1,275.00
Package of Updated Will(s), Updated Enduring Power(s) of Attorney, and Updated Personal Directive(s)**: Single Couple
$775.00 $1,025.00

Prices do not include GST. We will require the above quoted amounts be paid to our office as a retainer in advance of preparing the documents for you.

*The above quoted prices are for standard Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives and do not include G.S.T. Documents that require substantial customization or attendance at a hospital or residence will incur an additional fee.

**Updating fees are for updates of documents that have previously been prepared by our office. Attendance at hospital/residence - hourly rate charge, check with lawyer.

Upon the death of a parent or loved one, the administration of an estate can be overwhelming. We offer courteous and professional service to assist you in taking the necessary steps to resolve the issues you may face in the administration of your loved one's estate. Since the founding of our firm, we have successfully administered many estates. We have overcome a large variety of obstacles on behalf of our clients and have been able to provide effective and timely service in transferring assets of the deceased person's estate to their beneficiaries.
We have extensive experience in business sales and purchases whether assets or shares are being transferred. We make every effort to ensure the process is smooth, effective and timely.

Our firm can help you with many of your corporate law needs including:

  • Starting a new corporation
  • Acting as the registered office for your corporation and filing Annual Returns
  • Issuing Shares
  • Declaring Dividends
  • Extra-Provincial Registration
  • Change of Directors or Shareholders
  • Updating Minute Book records
  • Winding up, liquidating or dissolving your corporation
  • Corporate Searches
  • Trade Name Registration
Fees for Corporate Law Services
Incorporation*: $600.00
Acting as Registered Office and preparing annual filings: $250.00

Prices do not include applicable disbursements and GST. We offer a large variety of other corporate services not listed above, please contact our office for more information.

*If you wish to have our office order a corporate seal for your new corporation, there will be an additional charge of $60.00.

Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident can impact your life significantly. Allow us to assist you in receiving fair compensation for your injuries. If liability for your accident is not being contested, contingency billing may be an option. Please contact us for further details.

If you are living with your partner or considering getting married, we can assist you in preparing a co-habitation agreement or prenuptial agreement to set out the rights of you and your partner upon separation. With the changes to family property law in January, 2020, this is more important than ever.

If you are separating from your spouse or thinking about getting divorced and you have both determined how you would like to divide your assets and deal with spousal support, call us to see how we can assist you.

We have extensive experience in many different areas involving the civil courts. Areas of particular interest are personal injury, estates, general collections, wrongful dismissal, and real estate.
Mediation is an excellent way to resolve problems and avoid expensive legal proceedings. We would be happy to assist you in resolving issues using mediation.

We understand that losing your job can be a difficult experience. It is our goal to help you determine whether the severance package you have been offered by your employer is fair. Please contact our office to speak to a lawyer.

We offer services as Notaries Public. Please contact us with any enquiries or to book an appointment.
We take appointments from 8:30am to 11:30am and from 1:00pm to 3:30pm

Flat Rate Fees for Notarization Appointments
One Notarial Signature Required: $60.00
Each Additional Notarization: +$15.00

Prices do not include GST.